Ethan Hawke and Mason Thorne in The Black Phone 1
The Black Phone 2 Bringing Back Director Scott Derrickson to Helm 2025 Blumhouse Sequel

Blumhouse and Universal have set a release date for their now-confirmed The Black Phone sequel, and director Scott Derrickson will helm the movie.

Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood and Tucker Carlson in 2023 Festive Message 1
Kevin Spacey Slams Netflix in Christmas Video With Tucker Carlson

Kevin Spacey, who led Netflix's House of Cards from 2013 to 2017, says the streamer tried to put him in the ground, after he "put them on the map."

Poster for What If...? season 2 featuring The Watcher in a santa hat 1
Marvel's What If? 一分钟开奖平台:2024极速赛车最新开奖号码,官网同步消息 Season 2 Has MCU's Highest Rotten Tomatoes Score of 2023

The arrival of What If...? season 2 brought some festive cheer to Marvel Studios with the highest Rotten Tomatoes score of the year for the MCU.

Zack Snyder in Rebel Moon Director's Cut 1
Zack Snyder Unveils Details on Rebel Moon's Director's Cut: 'It’s almost like a different movie.'

Zack Snyder says Rebel Moon's Director's Cut is 'almost a different universe.'

Ricky Gervais drinking while smiling on stage hosting the Golden Globes 1
Ricky Gervais Claps Back At Netflix's Armageddon Joke Outrage

Ricky Gervais responds to the public request to remove his joke from the Armegeddon Netflix special.

Sota Fukushi as Takatoshi and Nana Komatsu as Emi in My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday 1
10 Must-Watch Japanese Romance Movies

Looking for a new romance movie? You might want to check out these Japanese ones next.

American Actors Who Play British Characters Flawlessly 1
15 American Actors Who Play British Characters Flawlessly

Some American actors lean too far into Mary Poppins territory when playing British characters, but not these 15 actors.

Timothee Chalamet as Wonka in his purple suit and brown top hat in Wonka 1
10 Whimsical Movies Like Wonka to Watch Next

Timothée Chalamet's latest movie, Wonka, left audiences craving for more. If you enjoyed it, here are 10 whimsical movies you are bound to love.

Tina Fey, Ricky Gervais, and Jerrod Carmichael hosting the Golden Globes in an edited image 1
Why Nobody Wants to Host the Golden Globes Anymore

The Golden Globes have been falling out of favor with audiences and celebs. But this year has already been particularly embarrassing.

Screenshot 2023-12-20 at 5.37.28 PM 1
Every New Marvel Movie and Show Releasing in 2024

The MCU will only receive one addition to its filmography in 2024, but that doesn't mean it's the only Marvel project hitting screens.

Alex, Marty, and Vitaly voiced by Bryan Cranston, Chris Rock, and Ben Stiller in Madagascar 3 1
Madagascar 3 Broke Records, Why Hasn't There Been a Sequel?

A fourth Madagascar movie was set to be released in 2018 before it was taken off the schedule. So what happened?

Split-screen image of The Expanse, Dexter, and The Wire 1
20 TV Shows With No Filler Episodes

Fermented into the hearts and bones of their respective audiences, these are 20 of the few television series without any filler episodes.

Movie Remakes That Aren’t the Same Genre as the Original 1
10 Movie Remakes That Aren’t the Same Genre as the Original

Movie remakes are expected to be the same genre as the original, but some directors switched things up to varying outcomes.

Alan Ritchson and Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher in the Prime Video series and movie 1
How Alan Ritchson’s Jack Reacher Made Audiences Forget About Tom Cruise

The role of Jack Reacher fits Alan Ritchson like a glove.

White Buffalo Promotional Art 1
The 'Moby Dick of Western Movies,' Starring Charles Bronson, Is Free to Watch on YouTube

This unique Western that sees Bill Hickok and Crazy Horse go up against a giant white Buffalo is free on YouTube.

Timothee Chalamet as Willy Wonka wearing a purple jacket and top hat in Wonka 1
Why Wonka Is Dominating the Holiday Box Office

The holiday box office is sweet for Wonka.

20 Coolest Movie Facts to Impress Your Friends at Parties 1
The 20 Coolest Movie Facts to Impress Your Friends at Parties

Show off your movie knowledge by sharing the following facts at your next party. Trust us when we say their minds will be blown.

Best Movies About the Cold War, Ranked 1
Best Movies About the Cold War, Ranked

From The Hunt for Red October to Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, these are the best movies about the Cold War, ranked.

Nana Visitor in Star Trek: DS9 1
The Mirror Universe in Star Trek Television, Explained

A fascinating and twisted reflection of the regular timeline of the Star Trek universe across four shows.

Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson in Saving Mr. Banks 1
极速赛车开奖历史查询记录|极速赛车一分钟开奖结果+开奖结果历史查询 Worth Watching 10 Years Later

The moral, meaning, and truth to Saving Mr. Banks, about the development of Mary Poppins, make for one of Disney's best live-action movies.

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