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About David Grove

David Grove is a journalist and published author from British Columbia, Canada.  He is currently writing a biography, book, on the career and life of actor Bill Bixby. 

Author Details

David Grove is a journalist and published author from British Columbia, Canada. He is the author of the books Jamie Lee Curtis: Scream Queen, Jan-Michael Vincent: Edge of Greatness, Making Friday the 13th, and On Location in Blairstown: The Making of Friday the 13th. As a journalist, David has written for numerous film magazines, including Fangoria, Film Review, SFX, and Total Film. His first novel, The Yearbook, was published in 2017. David is currently writing a book, biography, on the career and life of actor Bill Bixby.

Industry Focus

David Grove has been a Feature Writer for Movieweb since May 2023.  Prior to joining Movieweb, David wrote for numerous print magazines and websites over a span of twenty years.  As a writer, David specializes in biographies, film history, and reporting.  David is also a published author who has written several best-selling biographies and reference books.  David is currently writing a biography, book, on the career and life of actor Bill Bixby.  

Latest Articles

Alan Ritchson and Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher in the Prime Video series and movie 1
How Alan Ritchson’s Jack Reacher Made Audiences Forget About Tom Cruise

The role of Jack Reacher fits Alan Ritchson like a glove.

Timothee Chalamet as Willy Wonka wearing a purple jacket and top hat in Wonka 1
Why Wonka Is Dominating the Holiday Box Office

The holiday box office is sweet for Wonka.

Mark Harmon as Gibbs on NCIS 1
Why Did Mark Harmon Abruptly Leave NCIS?

After acting in television for nearly half a century, NCIS star Mark Harmon needed a break.

Collateral: Is It Still Worth Watching Two Decades Later?  1
Collateral: Is It Still Worth Watching Two Decades Later?

Collateral represents a brilliant achievement for director Michael Mann and stars Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx.

Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister in Home Alone. 1
How Home Alone Transformed John Hughes’ Career (For the Worse)

The blockbuster success of Home Alone heralded the end of John Hughes’ career.

Bradley Cooper and Carey Mulligan in Maestro 1
Maestro: Why Is Bradley Cooper’s Upcoming Movie at the Center of Controversy?

Bradley Cooper’s new film has received more publicity for Cooper’s nose than the film itself.

Steve Martin as Neal Page and John Candy as Del Griffith in Planes, Trains & Automobiles 1
Planes, Trains and Automobiles Is Still the Ultimate Holiday Movie

Planes, Trains and Automobiles is a classic comedy film for all seasons.

Brandon Lee as Eric wearing right black clothes with face paint and long dark hair sitting in a chair in The Crow 1
The Crow Reboot Has Been Cursed From the Start

The Crow has a well-deserved reputation for being the most cursed franchise in history.

Joel Kinnaman as Brian Godlock in a doctor's office and holding a shotgun with an armor plate on in Silent Night 1
Why Silent Night Died a Quick Box Office Death

Silent Night has completely misfired at the box office.

An edit of Matthew mCConaughey in Dazed and Confused as Wooderson, wearing his white shirt and necklace. 1
Matthew McConaughey’s Most Iconic Role Still Holds Up Today

The role of Wooderson in Dazed and Confused launched Matthew McConaughey’s career and gave him pop culture immortality.

Asha from Wish, played by Ariana DeBose, looking around at magical floating orbs that surround her while wearing a purple dress red necklace, and earrings. 1
Is Disney’s Wish a Box Office Disaster?

The box office failure of Wish is even worse than that of The Marvels.

Nell Tiger Free in The First Omen, with candles and the Virgin Mary painting on the wall, with Free dressed in all black looking at the camera from a distance in The First Omen. 1
The First Omen's Connection to the Omen Film Trilogy, Explained

The First Omen focuses on the diabolical conspiracy to bring evil incarnate into the world.

Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan in Blue Bloods, wearing a suit, standing in front of a large seal for the City of New York in Blue Bloods. 1
Blue Bloods Completely Transformed Tom Selleck’s Legacy After Magnum P.I.

Prior to Blue Bloods, Tom Selleck was best known as the star of the 1980s crime drama television series Magnum, P.I.

Woke Disney Movies 1
Is Disney a Failing Brand?

While Disney has an unmatchable list of assets, all of Disney’s parts are under pressure.

Timothy Dalton as James Bond, smoking a cigarette while wearing a tuxedo on the beach. 1
Why Timothy Dalton Was the Right James Bond at the Wrong Time

Fate and timing conspired to prevent Timothy Dalton from being remembered as the best James Bond since Sean Connery.

The killer in Thanksgiving wielding an axe while wearing a pilgrim hat, standing in front of Plymouth, Mass.  1
Was the Thanksgiving Movie a Box Office Success?

Unlike Eli Roth’s previous horror films, the box office performance of Thanksgiving has been boosted by positive word of mouth.

The Marvels cast, including Iman Vellani's Ms Marvel, Brie Larson's Captain Marvel, and Teyonah Parris's Marie Rambeau in their super suits in a poster for The Marvels 1
Is The Marvels a Box Office Disaster?

The box office failure of The Marvels proves that Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe is far from invincible.

Sylvester Stallone wearing a white tank top and red head band, with his hands taped up in Rocky Balboa 1
Why Sylvester Stallone Is an Underrated Filmmaker

Before Sylvester Stallone became an action superstar, he was an interesting filmmaker.

Eli Roth edited into a picture with ghosts, scary skeletons, a woman with blood on her face, and a haunted house in Eli Roth's History of Horror. 1
Has Eli Roth Realized His Potential as a Filmmaker?

It took Eli Roth over twenty years to have his first major commercial and critical breakthrough as a filmmaker.

He-Man holding a large silver blade in front of a castle in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe 1
Why a Live-Action Masters of the Universe Reboot Film Hasn’t Been Made

The Live-Action Masters of the Universe reboot film has been stuck in development hell for nearly twenty years.

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