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Started at MovieWeb in November of 2021. Jessica has spent her life dreaming of writing and now she gets to fulfill that dream. Want to hear more from Jessica, Jessica's first fiction novel "Estranged" can be found on Inkitt.

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Best Movies About the Cold War, Ranked 1
Best Movies About the Cold War, Ranked

From The Hunt for Red October to Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, these are the best movies about the Cold War, ranked.

Back to the Future comedy movie trilogy 1
Best Comedy Movie Trilogies of All Time

While there are plenty of epic action and adventure trilogies, comedy movies occasionally go big and form a trilogy, and these are the best.

The 30 Greatest Actors of Our Time - RP 1
The 35 Greatest Actors of Our Time

These actors have defined cinema in the modern era, bringing in audiences and winning praise from critics, and earning awards.

Split image of Billions, The Boys, and Reacher on Prime Video 1
20 Best Series on Prime Video to Watch Right Now

From original to re-runs, these are the best series to watch on Amazon Prime right now.

Best Post-Apocalyptic Movies of the 2010s, Ranked 1
Best Post-Apocalyptic Movies of the 2010s, Ranked

From A Quiet Place to Mad Max: Fury Road, these are the best post-apocalyptic movies of the 2010s, ranked.

the-princess-and-the-frog 1
Explained: Why Disney Stopped Making 2D-Animated Movies

Disney's last 2D-animated movie was Winnie the Pooh back in 2011. Here's why the studio stopped and, instead, moved towards 3D animation.

Chris Pratt as Star-Lord and Dave Bautista as Drax in the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special 1
8 Major Franchises That Need a Holiday Season Movie

Following the MCU's Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, we've made a list of other franchises that need a Christmas-themed movie.

Charlize Theron and Benedict Cumberbatch in Doctor Strange 2 from Marvel Studios 1
MCU: What is an Incursion In Doctor Strange and The Marvels?

MCU projects like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and The Marvels have spotlighted incursions. Here's a breakdown of what this means.

An egg hatches in Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget 1
Chicken Run 2: Why the 23-Year Delay?

With Chicken Run 2 releasing on Netflix in 2023, it will have been 23 years since the original's release. Here's why the sequel was delayed.

robert-pattinson-the-batman 1
The Batman: 8 Details in Robert Pattinson's Suit You Might Have Missed

With The Batman now available to stream on HBO Max, here's a look at eight details in Robert Pattinson's suit that you might have missed.

Ms Marvel Disney Plus 2022 1
Ms. Marvel: Kamala Khan's Quantum Bands, Explained

The Marvels revealed that Kamala Khan's bangle was, in fact, the MCU version of the Quantum Bands; here is everything to know about the artifact.

Asa Butterfield and Chloë Grace Moretz in Hugo (2011). 1
Here's What Makes Hugo One of the Best Martin Scorsese Films of All Time

Hugo was a masterful achievement from Martin Scorsese. Here's why it's one of the legendary director's best movies.

The X-Men assemble for X2: X-Men United. 1
The Strongest X-Men Characters in the Franchise's Movie History

The recent trailer for Doctor Strange 2 seems to have brought Professor X, and thus the X-Men, into the MCU fold. Here are the strongest mutants.

songs-my-brothers-taught-me 1
Best Indigenous Movies From North America, Ranked 

Indigenous communities all over North America have stories worth tuning in to. Here's a list of the best Indigenous movies.

Here are 5 Reasons Why David Fincher’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Deserves a Sequel 1
Reasons Why David Fincher’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Deserves a Sequel

Here is why David Fincher's take on The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, starring Rooney Mara, deserves a sequel.

Split image of Darth Vader with Kylo Ren 1
Star Wars: Best Costume Designs in the Franchise, Ranked

From Darth Vader's iconic suit to The Mandalorian's armor, these are the best costume designs in Star Wars.

Interview With the Vampire on AMC 1
Interview with the Vampire: How the AMC+ Series Surpasses the 1994 Movie

Good news for Anne Rice fans, AMC+'s Interview with the Vampire series greatly surpasses the 1994 movie adaptation. Here's how.

Jared Leto as Morbius 1
Morbius: Is Jared Leto's Living Vampire Part of the MCU?

With all the discussion of Morbin Time, the other topic is whether Morbius is connected to the MCU and if or when he will appear again.

Community on NBC 1
Community: Where the Cast is Today

Dan Harmon's sitcom Community is known for its incredibly talented ensemble of actors. Here's where the cast is today.

Star Wars Prequel Trilogy Was Almost Directed by These 3 Iconic Filmmakers 1
Star Wars: Best Quotes in the Prequel Trilogy

The Star Wars prequel era is one of the most explored in movies and TV shows. Here are the best quotes from the trilogy of films.

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