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20 Coolest Movie Facts to Impress Your Friends at Parties 1
The 20 Coolest Movie Facts to Impress Your Friends at Parties

Show off your movie knowledge by sharing the following facts at your next party. Trust us when we say their minds will be blown.

Best Movies About the Cold War, Ranked 1
Best Movies About the Cold War, Ranked

From The Hunt for Red October to Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, these are the best movies about the Cold War, ranked.

Nana Visitor in Star Trek: DS9 1
The Mirror Universe in Star Trek Television, Explained

A fascinating and twisted reflection of the regular timeline of the Star Trek universe across four shows.

Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson in Saving Mr. Banks 1
Why Saving Mr. Banks Is Worth Watching 10 Years Later

The moral, meaning, and truth to Saving Mr. Banks, about the development of Mary Poppins, make for one of Disney's best live-action movies.

Split-screen image of three different Willy Wonkas including Gene Wilder, Johnny Depp, and Timothee Chalamet 1
Wonka Boasts Franchise’s Best Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score, Surpassing Gene Wilder & Johnny Depp Films

Timothée Chalamet's film is outperforming the other Willy Wonka movies' Rotten Tomatoes audience scores.

Three different comic book versions of Santa Claus 1
10 Comic Book Depictions of Santa Claus that Need to Make It to the Big Screen

As a Christmas Icon, Santa Claus has made many holiday appearances in hit comics. Here are 10 that need to make it to the big screen.

John Astin as Professor Gangreen in Return of the Killer Tomatoes! 1
Do Rotten Tomatoes Scores Really Matter?

Is Rotten Tomatoes itself fresh or rotten, and do their scores still matter after controversies and divide between audiences and critics?

Captain America wields Mjolnir in Avengers: Endgame 1
The 10 Best Theater Reactions to Viral Moments in Superhero Movies

The MCU and DCU have produced plenty of viral moments from their superhero movies so far. Here are 10 that audiences stood up and cheered for.

The Best Horror Movie Podcasts for Genre Fans 1
The Best Horror Movie Podcasts for Genre Fans

For fans of horror films who want something to put on and listen to, dive into these great horror movie podcasts.

15 Visually Beautiful Christmas Movies 1
15 Visually Beautiful Christmas Movies

The twinkling lights, the falling snow, the bright green trees and brilliant red ribbons - Christmas is a beautiful holiday made for the screen.

George C Scott and Jim Carrey as Ebenzer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol Adaptations 1
A Christmas Carol: The Top 10 Performances of Ebenezer Scrooge

Ebenezer Scrooge is one of the most iconic roles in the history of cinema, and these 10 actors have captured the character better than anyone else.

The 10 Best TV Show Performances of 2023, So Far 1
The Best TV Performances of 2023

Now that we've reached the midway point of the year, it's time to celebrate some of the best TV show performances.

Samantha and Regina Belmont with SMGs in 80s zombie comedy action Christmas movie 1
Night of the Comet: How This ‘80s Zombie Movie Is a Better Anti-Christmas Film Than Die Hard or Lethal Weapon

Christmas, Mac-10s, valley girls, and zombies. Night of the Comet is more deserving of your meme X-mas tree decorations than John McClane.

Mark Harmon as Gibbs on NCIS 1
Why Did Mark Harmon Abruptly Leave NCIS?

After acting in television for nearly half a century, NCIS star Mark Harmon needed a break.

James McAvoy in Chronicles of Narnia, Elsa and Anna holding hands in Frozen, and Hero Girl from The Polar Expressand  1
10 Movies That Transport You to a Winter Wonderland

Some wintry movies can transport the viewers into palaces of ice, snow-covered forests, and winter wonderlands.

George Clooney and Matthew Perry with the Friends cast in the background 1
George Clooney Says Landing Friends Role Didn’t Bring Matthew Perry 'Joy or Happiness or Peace'

George Clooney opens up about his friendship with Matthew Perry, revealing that, despite starring on the hit sitcom Friends, Perry wasn't happy.

Candyman in purple, the monster from The Descent in the center, and an image of Carrie's head bloody and red on the right 1
The 20 Best Jump Scares in Horror History

While it may be a classic but overused horror trope, these films expertly utilize the jump scare in a way that continues to resonate with audiences.

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Best Comedy Movies of 2023 including They Cloned Tyrone and Bottoms 1
The 23 Best Comedy Movies of 2023, Ranked

With star-studded casts led by talented directors, these comedies kept audiences laughing all throughout 2023.

Sofia Boutella as Kora in Rebel Moon 1
Rebel Moon Writer HIts Back at Movie's Terrible Run of Reviews

Rebel Moon's reviews have been very mixed, and many critics have slammed the movie for many reasons. But writer Kurt Johnstad doesn't agree with them.

Donald Trump appearing in Home Alone 2 Lost in New York 1
Home Alone 2 Director Explains How Donald Trump "Bullied" His Way Into His Cameo Appearance

Home Alone 2's Donald Trump cameo appearance only happened because the future president wanted something in return for allowing filming in his hotel.

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