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Maria is a freelance writer and editor who enjoys covering a wide variety of topics but has always had an avid love for pop culture.

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The Best Disney Documentaries, Ranked 1
The Best Disney Documentaries, Ranked

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at Disney World and the Disney Studios? These ten documentaries may answer some of your questions.

The Most Iconic Outfits in Horror Movies, Ranked 1
The Most Iconic Outfits in Horror Movies, Ranked

Believe it or not, there are several instances of high fashion in horror movies. Here are seven of them.

Will Ferrell in Elf 1
Best Holiday Movies to Watch on Max

If you're looking for a cozy holiday classic, Max has you covered with a range of classics and newer seasonal releases.

Happiest Season 5-1 1
Best Holiday Movies to Watch on Hulu, Ranked

It's that time of year to cozy up with a warm-hearted holiday movie. Check out these seven available to stream on Hulu.

Disney Renaissance Era 1
Disney: Why the '90s Was the Company's Best Decade

From 1990 to 1999, Disney released hit after hit. But what makes '90s Disney so great?

Split image of Bo Burnham, Eddie Murphy, and Steve Martin 1
12 Best Stand-Up Comedy Specials of All Time, Ranked

Comedy is massive and subjective, and there are tons of specials out there to choose from. These are seven of the best.

simpsons_1200x630 1
The Best Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror Episodes, Ranked

The Simpsons have released some great Halloween specials during its 35-season run. Here are the best episodes.

Split image of Netflix's Haunted and Black Summer 1
11 Best Scary Netflix Series to Stream for Halloween

Do you have a Netflix subscription and need some scary shows to watch to set the mood this Halloween season? This list has you covered.

twilight 1
The Best Non-Traditional Vampire Movies, Ranked

When you hear “vampire,” you likely picture the signature Count Dracula, but there are several great non-traditional vampire movies, too.

Split image of American Horror Story's Scariest Episodes 1
American Horror Story's Scariest Episodes, Ranked

American Horror Story is well-known for its disturbing nature. Of the various seasons so far, here are some of the scariest episodes.

Alan Tudyk with his characters in the background 1
Alan Tudyk’s 12 Best Voice Acting Performances, Ranked

With such a vast career under his belt, here are seven of Alan Tudyk's best voice acting performances to date.

Batman Beyond Return of the Joker 1
The Best Animated Movies Based on Shows

It's always fun to see your favorite TV characters make their way onto the big screen. Here are some of the best animated movies based on shows.

Split image of Harley Quinn, The Simpsons Guy, and Archer 1
14 Best Adult Cartoons, Ranked

Cartoons aren't just for kids. Here are seven of the funniest, most binge-worthy adult cartoons to check out if you haven't already.

Miguel in Coco (2017) 1
Best Songs From Pixar Movies, Ranked

Pixar doesn't just know how to create classic, hit movies but music, too. Here are the best songs from Pixar movies over the years.

Split image of Footloose, Center Stage, and Black Swan 1
12 Best Movies About Theatre and Dance, Ranked

If musicals aren't your thing, there are still plenty of movies about theatre and dance from various genres for you to enjoy.

dracula-1931 1
The Best Films About Dracula, Ranked

Dracula has been reimagined in movies countless times, and each time is often different than the last. Here are some of the best.

Best 80s Thrillers 1
Best Thrillers of the 1980s, Ranked

The '80s brought us countless cinematic hits across a variety of genres that still remain popular today, thrillers being at the top of the list.

Spongebob and Patrick in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie 1
The Best Nickelodeon Movies, Ranked

Nickelodeon is no stranger to bringing hit series to the big screen. Here are ten of the best Nickelodeon movies you should revisit.

Ferris Bueller drinking orange juice and talking on the phone to the principal.  1
The Best Back-to-School Movies, Ranked

Summer is almost over and that sadly means it is back-to-school season, so here are ten films that can help get one excited about returning to school.

The Best Thrillers of the 1990s, Ranked 1
The Best Thrillers of the 1990s, Ranked

Plenty of good movies came out of the 1990s, a lot of which were suspenseful thrillers. These are the best thrillers of the decade.

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