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Split image of Special Ops: Lioness, The Stand, and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds on Paramount+ 1
20 Best Original TV Shows on Paramount+ to Watch Right Now

Paramount+ has made a name for itself as a premiere streamer with high-quality television series and here are their best original series, ranked.

Best Horror Comedies of All Time Thumbnail 1
13 of the Funniest Horror Comedies Ever Made

Horror and comedy both rely on tension and release, and these films induce a really physical reaction with both laughter and fear.

Split image of Prey, The Bear, and Only Murders in the Building on Hulu 1
18 Best Hulu Original Films and Television Series to Watch Right Now

From super-funny comedies to flat-out eerie shows, here are some of Hulu's best original film and television programming.

Split image of Annihilation, X, and Bodies Bodies Bodies on Paramount+ 1
22 Best Horror Movies on Paramount+ to Watch Right Now

Paramount+ has some great picks for horror films, from the scariest movies to bona fide classics.

Best Original Shudder Movies on the Horror Streaming Channel 1
Best Original Shudder Movies on the Horror Streaming Channel

These are the best Shudder movies, a stone-cold frightening and varied bunch of modern classics from the streaming platform.

The 13 Best Opening Scenes in Horror Movie History-1 1
The 13 Best Opening Scenes in Horror Movie History

The opening scenes of horror movies create a memorable, unshakable feeling when done well and set the stage for everything that follows.

The Powerpuff Girls play around 1
The Best Kids Shows From a Girl's Perspective

Take a look at some of the most praised children's shows told from the perspective of a main female character.

scott pilgrim 1
The Best Michael Cera Movies, Ranked

The actor and musician Michael Cera is practically a household name thanks to Superbad and Arrested Development. Here are his best movies.

Split image of Ralph from Friday the 13th and Chucky from Child's Play 1
11 Most Overused Clichés in Scary Movies

The traditional scary movie cliché is so overused by now that audiences are wise to them and bored by them, and these are the worst cliché offenders.

Masked killers are at the door through the peephole in The Purge 1
Best Blumhouse Horror Movies So Far, Ranked

Rising as an indie production company that enabled directors to freely expand their creative visions, Blumhouse has transformed the concept of horror.

Yellowjackets season two 1
The Best Original Series on Showtime, Ranked

Browse through Showtime's hit original series, and you'll find a bevy of unique, acclaimed selections; these are the best.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Spin 1200 x 630(1) 1
Best Classic Horror Movies on Shudder to Watch Right Now

Shudder is the streaming service for all things horror, and offer some great classic scary movies on their network. Check out our list of the best.

Natasha Lyonne in Russian Doll 1
These Are the Best Natasha Lyonne Performances

The fascinating career of Natasha Lyonne is filled with comedic moments paired with both heartbreaking and heartfelt roles alike, and here's her best.

Ava DuVernay leans on a balcony 1
These Are 5 Promising Young Black Directors Who Are Going to Be Huge

These are some of the most prolific and promising Black directors coming up in the business today, and why people should be paying attention to them.

Nasubi with a full head of hair and moustahce 1
Nasubi, and the True Story of a Reality Show That Destroyed Someone's Life

There is a kind of schadenfreude in many reality TV shows, which put their contestants through cruel and unusual punishment, but none like this one.

Threads movie from BBC 1984 1
You Can Watch These Great Horror Movies for Free on YouTube

These are just a handful of the many memorable scary movies that can now be streamed for free on YouTube.

Cronenberg movie Possessor 1
Scariest Hulu Movies to Watch if You Like Indie Horror

These excellent films aren't big-budget, but they're extremely scary movies to watch on Hulu for any fans looking for different horror movies.

Megan Fox lights her tongue on fire in Jennifers Body 1
Best Megan Fox Movies, Ranked

Known for her roles in action-packed films, Megan Fox has experienced increasing success throughout Hollywood. Let's look at Fox's praised movies.

Ichi holds a blade to his tongue in Ichi the Killer 1
The Best Takashi Miike Movies, Ranked

Takashi Miike is seen as a highly stylish but controversial director in the film industry. These are his most contentious yet successful movies.

Nicolas Cage's face shatters into purple colors in Color Out of Space 1
The Best H.P. Lovecraft Movie Adaptations, Ranked

Creating dark stories that bring supernatural beings off the pages, H.P. Lovecraft has become famous for crafting a universe of cosmic horror.

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