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Valerie Thompson is an entertainment writer covering film and TV. 

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Illustration Of Mario and Luigi In Blue Overalls In Front Of The Letter M. 1
The Super Mario Bros. 1993 Sequel You Never Knew About

1993's Super Mario Bros. movie inspired two fans to create a comic sequel to the bizarre cult classic live action film.

Every Martin Scorsese Biopic, Ranked 1
Every Martin Scorsese Biopic, Ranked

Martin Scorsese is a master storyteller who excels at biopic films. Here are his best ones, ranked.

10 Best Fan Theories Around Famous TV Shows 1
10 Best Fan Theories Around Famous TV Shows

Fans love to speculate, and sometimes the theories get especially creative. Here are the best and wildest fan theories around famous TV shows.

Hunger Games Jena Malone 1
The 10 Best Jena Malone Movies, Ranked

Jena Malone's impressive filmography proves the actress can tackle any genre. Here are the 10 best Jena Malone movies, ranked.

Split collage of Martin Scorsese and his music documentary The Last Waltz 1
Scorsese Is Famous For Biopics But These Music Docs Are Even Better

Martin Scorsese fans should pay more attention to his music documentaries which cover his relationships with Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, and more.

The 10 Wildest Conspiracy Theories About Movies 1
The 10 Wildest Conspiracy Theories About Movies

Some of the best movies are ripe for speculation - and fans bring it in spades. Here are the best fan conspiracy theories about famous movies.

28 Days Later poster 1
How 28 Days Later Brought Zombie Movies Back to Life

28 Days Later was a groundbreaking horror film from 2002 that brought a tired and limping genre back to life.

SmartLess on the Road Needs Another Season 1
SmartLess: On the Road Needs Another Season

This surprising and delightful podcast is a breath of fresh air - here's why it deserves another season.

Bill Maher's HBO Ratings and Reception Over Time 1
Bill Maher's HBO Ratings and Reception Over Time

Bill Maher has always used controversial opinions and guests to bring in viewers, but is that sustainable?

History of the World, Part I Remembering the Cast 1
History of the World, Part I: Remembering the Cast

A look back on the life and careers of the hilarious actors in Mel Brooks' History of the World, Part 1.

Mark from Invincible wearing his suit with blood dripping from his nose. A Homelander statue is to his right with its head lasered off from Gen V. 1
Invincible and Gen V Prove That Prime Video Is the New Superhero Destination

With three hit superhero shows, is Prime Video the place to be for the genre?

Adam sits at his BuzzFeed desk in Dear David. 1
10 Movies to Watch Next if You Loved Dear David

If you enjoyed the new supernatural horror, Dear David, here are some other movies to add to your watchlist.

Split image of The Old Way, The World to Come, and Frontera on Hulu 1
19 Best Westerns on Hulu to Watch Right Now

Want to watch a Western? Here are all the best ones you can watch right now on Hulu.

Amanda in the reverse bear trap in Saw. 1
Saw: Scariest Movie Moments Of All Time

There is no doubt of Saw’s place in horror history. Here are the scariest moments across the franchise.

The cast of Gran Turismo. 1
10 TV Series to Watch If You Loved Gran Turismo

The 2023 film is understandably bringing in both newcomers to racing and beginners to the world of racing simulators. Here are series to watch next.

loki-season-2-still 1
10 Questions We Have After the Loki Season 2 Premiere

Here are the questions we have after the Season 2 premiere of Loki.

A man screams with large tubes connected to his eyes in a poster for Saw X. 1
Saw X: Every Trap in the Movie, Explained

Here's every trap in the new Saw movie explained.

My Fault 1
10 Movies to Watch If You Loved My Fault

Amazon found a winning formula with the drama My Fault. Here are ten films to catch up on if you loved the movie.

Elizabeth Debicki guardians of the galaxy 1
Elizabeth Debicki’s 10 Best Movies, Ranked by Rotten Tomatoes

Elizabeth Debicki first caught the eye of international audiences in Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby.

The full moon rises by a skyscraper in Koyaanisqatsi 1
The 10 Best Movies About the Full Moon, Ranked

Filmmakers have long held a fascination with the moon.

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