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Michelle Yeoh as Eileen, Justin Chien as Charles, and Sam Song Li as Bruce at a dinner table with a head floating in a fish tank in the background in The Brothers Son 1
Exclusive: Sam Song Li on The Brothers Sun and Working With Oscar-Winning Actress Michelle Yeoh

Sam Song Li, who already has experience working with a talented cast, takes the lead in Netflix's The Brothers Sun alongside Michelle Yeoh.

Mathew Karedas from Samurai Cop, Joe Piscopo and Treat Williams from Dead Heat, Chow Yun Fat from Tiger On Beat 1
The 10 Funniest Buddy Cop Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

These little-seen, gut-busting crime-busters deserve more love.

Jake Gyllenhaal yells at the crowd while filming Road House. 1
Road House Remake Starring Jake Gyllenhaal Gets Spring 2024 Streaming Release Date

Jake Gyllenhaal's remake of Road House has now been given a 2024 release date.

Kanata Hongo as Hiei, Takumi Kitamura as Yusuke, Shuhei Uesugi as Kuwabara, and Jun Shison as Kurama in a promo still next to the original anime characters in Yu Yu Hakusho 1
Yu Yu Hakusho: How the Netflix Live-Action Series Differs From the Anime (In the Best Way Possible)

Despite having just five episodes, Yu Yu Hakusho differs from the anime by only a small margin. Here's how.

Keanu Reeves as John Wick holding a shotgun, Bob Odenkirk as Hutch burning a wad of cash, and Charlie Weber as Peter, Madison Bailey as Sophia, and Jon Voight as Byrne in The Painter 1
Have We Had Enough Retired Assassin Movies?

The retired assassin trope continues to find success at the box office, but are audiences growing tired of the overused idea?

Mark Wahlberg in The Family Plan with a baby strapped to his back. 1
Mark Wahlberg's Dangerous Action Scene with a Baby Explained by Family Plan Director

In an exclusive chat with MovieWeb, The Family Plan director reveals details of how the action scene involving Mark Wahlberg and a baby was achieved.

Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake in the Netflix action sequel Extraction 2. 1
Extraction Spinoff in the Works at Netflix Following Promising Extraction 3 Update

Netflix is now working on an Extraction spinoff TV series alongside the development of action sequel Extraction 3.

10 Best Winter Action Movies to Watch Next 1
10 Best Winter Action Movies to Watch Next

Strap yourself in and grab a cup of hot cocoa as we take you for a frosty, thrilling ride with these great winter action movies.

Baby Driver 1
20 Best Action Movies With Really Solid Stories

While many action movies rely on adrenaline over substance, there are also movies that deliver both heart-pumping action and a truly solid narrative.

Simon Cellan Jones and the movie The Family Plan 1
Exclusive: Director Simon Cellan Jones of The Family Plan On Mark Wahlberg, Fight Scenes, and More

Simon Cellan opens up the epic fight and chase sequences in his new action comedy and teases another Mark Wahlberg collaboration.

The-Family-Plan 1
The Family Plan Review: Mark Walhberg Is in His Element as a Daddy Government Assassin

Don’t overthink this road trip romp, which trips over its action-comedy tropes but wins you over with its fun and breezy charm and enjoyable cast.

Cropped Argylle poster shows off all-star cast including Henry Cavill, Dua Lipa, Samuel L. Jackson, and Bryan Cranston 1
Henry Cavill's Spy Takes Center Stage in New Argylle Poster, Teasing a Huge Ensemble Cast

Henry Cavill will play a spy of a different kind in director Matthew Vaughn's action outing, Argylle.

Mark Wahlberg in Transformers: Age of Extinction and Steve Austin in The Six Million Dollar Man. 1
Mark Wahlberg Offers Update on Long-Awaited Six Billion Dollar Man Movie: 'There Is Finally Hope'

Mark Wahlberg's long-awaited remake of The Six Million Dollar Man may be happening at last...

10 Underrated Wuxia Movies That Deserve More Love-1 1
10 Underrated Wuxia Movies That Deserve More Love

From The Assassin to Come Drink With Me, here are 10 underrated wuxia movies that are worthy of more recognition.

Daniel-Craig-Charlize-Theron 1
Daniel Craig & Charlize Theron to Lead Action Heist Flick Two for the Money From Justin Lin

The action movie stars have aligned, with Daniel Craig and Charlize Theron to join forces under the direction of Fast & Furious filmmaker Justin Lin.

Jason Statham standing in front of the Avengers and the Justice League. 1
Jason Statham Explains Why He Has No Appetite for a Superhero Role: 'I Like Old-School ‘80s Movies'

Action star Jason Statham has often been rumored for a comic book movie role, but it has never happened. He has now explained why...

Angelia Jolie in Salt alongside Halle Berry in John Wick: Chapter 3. 1
Halle Berry & Angelina Jolie’s Relationship Got off to ‘Rocky’ Start Filming Action Flick Maude V Maude

Halle Berry and Angelina Jolie got off to a "rocky" start when filming Maude v Maude, which has been called Mr & Mrs Smith meets Mission: Impossible.

10 Must-Watch Korean Action and Thriller Movies on Netflix 1
10 Must-Watch Korean Action and Thriller Movies on Netflix

Have you seen these Korean action and thriller movies on Netflix?

Paul & Chani ready to take action in Dune: Part Two. 1
Dune: Part Two Is ‘More of an Action Film’ Than Its Predecessor, Denis Villeneuve Declares

Director Denis Villeneuve calls Dune: Part Two "more muscular" than the first movie and teases the major action sequences in the sequel.

Liam Neeson as Bryan Mills in Taken 1
10 Exciting Action Movies About Tracking Down Missing People

Missing persons stories are never pleasant, yet the following high-octane action movies make them exciting to follow.

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