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K-Dramas With No Boring Episodes 1
20 K-Dramas With No Boring Episodes

From heartwarming romances to complex revenge thrillers, these dramas display Korean storytelling at its most entertaining.

A rainbow collage of five different K-dramas reflecting Joseon Dynasty aesthetic. 1
10 Best K-Dramas Set in the Joseon Dynasty, Ranked

These Korean dramas set in the Joseon Dynasty are the best of the best.

The main cast of Weak Hero including Park Ji-hoon as Gray Yeon, Choi Hyun-wook as Ahn Soo-ho, and Kyung Hong as Bryce Oh 1
Weak Hero Season 2: What to Expect From The Successful K-Drama Based on the Webtoon

Weak Hero was renewed for a second season not long ago. But what do we want from a new outing?

Best Seo In-guk Television Shows, Ranked 1
Best Seo In-guk Television Shows, Ranked

From fantasy to historical dramas, you're going to want to watch all of Seo In-guk's filmography.

Lee Byung-hun in Concrete Utopia (2023) 1
Concrete Utopia Review: South Korea's Dystopian Oscar Entry Trumps Most Other Disaster Films

Um Tae-hwa's new psychological thriller may just leave you hopeless for the future, but it's undoubtedly a powerful statement on mankind's bad side.

Love Alarm Hwang Sun-oh 1
Best Song Kang Television Shows, Ranked

You need to see all of Song Kang's television shows and K-dramas if you haven't already.

Lee Joon-gi as Do Hyun-soo in Flower of Evil 1
10 K-Dramas with the Best Plot Twists, Ranked

With the great importance they give to emotional high points, the plot twist is a common tool that we see in K-dramas.

Split image of the best Korean Dramas and Movies on Hulu to Watch Right Now 1
23 Best Korean Dramas and Movies on Hulu to Watch Right Now

Whether you want to watch a cheesy romance drama or a gripping crime thriller, Hulu provides a fantastic collection of Korean titles.

A team of Korean male athletes chase their bus. 1
Best K-Dramas About Life in the Countryside, Ranked

Sometimes, people living in the busy city choose to move to small towns surrounded by nature, just like in these K-dramas set in the countryside.

20 Korean Dramas You'll Be Thinking About Long After They End 1
20 Korean Dramas You'll Be Thinking About Long After They End

From historical dramas to romance and fiction; K-dramas manage to hit every genre shelf with satisfying content.

10 Best K-Dramas for Beginners 1
10 Best K-Dramas for Beginners

Here are our recommendations for the 10 best K-dramas for beginners, showcasing the variety and brilliance that K-dramas have to offer.

Castaway Diva 10 Reasons Why This K-Drama Offers a Refreshing Story 1
Castaway Diva: 10 Reasons Why This K-Drama Offers a Refreshing Story

With the huge success of Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Park Eun-bin is back again with another fan favorite.

Black 2017 K-drama 1
10 Darkest K-Dramas You Need to Watch

From twisted psychological journeys to crime sagas and haunting narratives of despair, here are some of the darkest K-dramas to watch next.

An edit of three Korean Dramas, including Sweet Home season 2, Welcome to Samdalri, Death's Game 1
Every Korean Drama Releasing in December 2023

Some of the most anticipated Korean dramas are releasing this December, including the second season of Sweet Home.

Won Jin-ah and Rowoon in She Would Never Know 1
10 Best Magical K-Dramas To Stream in the Fall

It's that time again to curl up and enjoy endless episodes of enchanting K-dramas. Here are a few to start your K-drama binge journey this fall.

Yoon In-na and Lee Dong-wook in Touch Your Heart 1
10 Best K-Dramas Based on Novels, Ranked

Did you know these Korean dramas came from novels?

Poster of When the Weather Is Fine 1
Most Cozy Korean Shows to Watch This Winter

Looking for feel-good and engaging K-dramas to curl up and watch this winter? Here are some recommendations.

Jun Woo and Soon Deok wearing a light colored purple outfit, and purple and green outfit, respectively, holding a notebook in The Matchmakers 1
The Matchmakers: Why This New Historical K-Drama Is Trending

The Matchmakers is a new historical Korean drama that is becoming popular because of its intriguing premise and multi-layered characters.

A scene from Our Blues 1
10 Important K-Dramas to Watch for Mental Health Education

These dramas deal with important topics, such as mental health issues and what it’s like to deal with them.

Jang Hyuk in My Country The New Age 1
10 Underrated K-Dramas With Standout Villains

From Kill It to My Country: The New Age, these less popular South Korean shows feature compelling antagonists.

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