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Best Romance Movies of 2023 1
The 15 Best Romance Movies of 2023, Ranked

Rather than just fleeting fluff, our selections embrace complex tales of connection, where flawed characters navigate life in the most tender ways.

Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail. 1
The 10 Best Romance Movies Directed by Women

Sometimes, the best and most authentic way to tell a story about a woman's romance is to do so through the lens of a woman's direction.

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The 10 Most Problematic Endings In Romance Movies

Love is blind, and these romance movies can't see their problematic endings.

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20 Underrated British Romance Movies 1
20 Underrated British Romance Movies

These underrated British romance films are a treasure trove crafted with emotion and the delicacy of love.

Nina Dobrev and Jimmy Yang in Netflix's Love Hard 1
10 Best Holiday Rom-Coms to Rewatch This Season

Bundle up and get cozy with the best holiday romantic comedies you must rewatch this season.

Friends with Benefits 1
10 Rom-Coms Where the Chemistry Was Off the Charts

Romantic comedies make you laugh as well as blush, but there are a few where the chemistry on-set was simply off the charts.

You've Got Mail 1
20 Rom-Com Couples Who Had Amazing Chemistry 

Through mixtapes and meet-cutes, will-they-or-won't-they tensions, and surprise kiss confessions, these rom-com couples have left a mark on the genre.

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10 Romantic Movies Where True Love Doesn’t Conquer All

From soulmates to strangers, sometimes things just don't work out. Here are 10 movies where true love unfortunately does not conquer all.

Still from No Strings Attached with Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman  1
15 Romance Movies to Watch in Your 30s

After the fun of our 20s, we tend to have a clearer idea of what we want from our love lives. Maybe that's why romance films hit harder in our 30s.

Patrick Brammall and Harriet Dyer carry an injured dog on Colin from Accounts 1
How Australia's Colin From Accounts Shakes Up the Rom-Com Formula

This feel-good comedy brings a refreshing twist to a film and TV staple. Here's why it stands out.

25 Best Romance Anime of All Time_Thumb 1
25 Best Romance Anime of All Time

Anime offers some of the best romantic storylines to tug at your heartstrings. Here are 15 titles to watch next.

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The 10 Best Romance Thrillers of All Time 1
The 10 Best Romance Thrillers of All Time

These are the best films where romance merges with suspense, tugging on your heartstrings as you cling to your seat.

The 15 Best Romance Movies of the 2010s 1
The 14 Best Romance Movies of the 2010s

From La La Land to A Star is Born, let's take a look at the top 15 romance movies from the 2010s.

Julia Roberts in Notting Hill 1
Best Romance Movie Directors, Ranked

Everyone knows the major stars of the genre, but fewer people know about the directors that bring romance movies to life.

Leighton Meester and Robbie Amell in Exmas 1
Exmas Review: A Cute Festive Rom-Com

Bolstered by endearing performances, Exmas is an adorable Christmas rom-com full of laughs.

Meg Ryan and David Duchovny in What Happens Later 1
10 Rom-Coms to Watch in Preparation for Meg Ryan's What Happens Later

Meg Ryan is one of the official queens of the rom-com. Let's check out 10 classic rom-coms to watch while you're waiting for What Happens Later.

Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc in Friends 1
10 Romances That Could Have Been (But Never Were)

Even though all the potential was there, these potential romances never became canon. But, why should they have been given a chance?

Your Place or Mine 2023 1
Your Place or Mine Proved That 2000s Era Rom-Coms Are Dead

With a plot pulled straight out of 2003, this 2023 rom-com proved that the 2000s rom-com era is unfortunately over.

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10 Most Romantic Chinese Dramas to Watch Next

The powerful love stories in these Chinese dramas will sweep you off your feet into realms of endless love.

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10 Best K-Dramas About Celebrity Romances

Celebrities and romance are at the forefront of these K-dramas.

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