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Tina Fey, Ricky Gervais, and Jerrod Carmichael hosting the Golden Globes in an edited image 1
Why Nobody Wants to Host the Golden Globes Anymore

The Golden Globes have been falling out of favor with audiences and celebs. But this year has already been particularly embarrassing.

Alex, Marty, and Vitaly voiced by Bryan Cranston, Chris Rock, and Ben Stiller in Madagascar 3 1
Madagascar 3 Broke Records, Why Hasn't There Been a Sequel?

A fourth Madagascar movie was set to be released in 2018 before it was taken off the schedule. So what happened?

Alan Ritchson and Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher in the Prime Video series and movie 1
How Alan Ritchson’s Jack Reacher Made Audiences Forget About Tom Cruise

The role of Jack Reacher fits Alan Ritchson like a glove.

Timothee Chalamet as Willy Wonka wearing a purple jacket and top hat in Wonka 1
Why Wonka Is Dominating the Holiday Box Office

The holiday box office is sweet for Wonka.

Nana Visitor in Star Trek: DS9 1
The Mirror Universe in Star Trek Television, Explained

A fascinating and twisted reflection of the regular timeline of the Star Trek universe across four shows.

Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson in Saving Mr. Banks 1
Why Saving Mr. Banks Is Worth Watching 10 Years Later

The moral, meaning, and truth to Saving Mr. Banks, about the development of Mary Poppins, make for one of Disney's best live-action movies.

John Astin as Professor Gangreen in Return of the Killer Tomatoes! 1
Do Rotten Tomatoes Scores Really Matter?

Is Rotten Tomatoes itself fresh or rotten, and do their scores still matter after controversies and divide between audiences and critics?

Samantha and Regina Belmont with SMGs in 80s zombie comedy action Christmas movie 1
Night of the Comet: How This ‘80s Zombie Movie Is a Better Anti-Christmas Film Than Die Hard or Lethal Weapon

Christmas, Mac-10s, valley girls, and zombies. Night of the Comet is more deserving of your meme X-mas tree decorations than John McClane.

Mark Harmon as Gibbs on NCIS 1
Why Did Mark Harmon Abruptly Leave NCIS?

After acting in television for nearly half a century, NCIS star Mark Harmon needed a break.

The cast of Leave the World Behind including Julia Roberts, Ethan Hawke, Mahershala Ali, and Myha'la 1
Leave the World Behind: What This Easter Egg Means in Netflix's Apocalyptic Thriller

While plenty of deeper meanings are scattered throughout Leave the World Behind, one Easter Egg in particular is the most significant.

The cast of May December including Charles Melton as Joe, Natalie Portman as Elizabeth, and Julianne Moore as Gracie 1
Is May December Actually a Comedy?

May December has been front and center during awards season, but many are still confused about why it has been labeled as a comedy.

Neil Breen in Cade The Tortured Crossing 1
Move Over Tommy Wiseau, Neil Breen Is the Real King of So-Bad-They're-Good Movies

Tommy Wiseau may be the most famous director of bad movies, but Neil Breen is undoubtebly the best.

Po and the rest of the Furious Five behind him in Kung Fu Panda 1
Kung Fu Panda 4: The Furious Five Are More Important Than You Realize

With the trailer for Kung Fu Panda 4 recently released and the Furious Five absent, fans are up in arms. Why are these characters so important?

Every Original Movie Coming to Netflix in January 2023 including Society of the Snow, Good Grief, The Kitchen 1
Every Original Movie Coming to Netflix in January 2024

With a handful of original films slated for release in January, there’s surely something for everyone to enjoy.

Every Movie Coming to Prime Video in January 2023 including Foe, Roleplay, and The UnderDoggs 1
Every Movie Coming to Prime Video in January 2024

Whether audiences want to laugh or cry, Prime Video’s January offerings have something for every emotion.

Sean Astin as Samewise Gamgee in Lord of the Rings: Return of the King and an oscar statue 1
Why Sean Astin Deserved an Oscar Nomination for The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Astin's performance as Samwise Gamgee, the unassuming hobbit who played a crucial role in saving Middle Earth, deserved acclaim at the highest level.

How Does an SNL Skit Get Made? 1
How Does an SNL Skit Get Made?

Every episode is dictated by a manic schedule, and getting anything to air involves a long chain of steps to ensure quality control.

Every Main Character Who Left Grey's Anatomy and Why 1
Every Main Character Who Left Grey's Anatomy and Why

Grey's Anatomy characters have come and go throughout the series, but what lead the actors to make those choices?

Brandon Routh as Superman from Superman Returns, Bizarro and Brainiac from DC Comics 1
Superman Returns 2: The Cancelled Sequel That Would Have Brought Brainiac or Bizarro to the Big Screen

Before Henry Cavill donned the cape in Man of Steel, there were early plans for a direct sequel to Superman Returns, with Brandon Routh returning.

Aaron Taylor Johnson as Kraven the Hunter in a throne, and the promotional poster for Spider-Man: No Way Home 1
Spider-Man: No Way Home Almost Featured Kraven the Hunter Instead of the Multiverse, Here’s What Happened

An alternate idea for Tom Holland's third Spider-Man movie had him facing off with Kraven the Hunter, rather than introducing the Spider-Verse.

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