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Every New Marvel Movie and Show Releasing in 2024

The MCU will only receive one addition to its filmography in 2024, but that doesn't mean it's the only Marvel project hitting screens.

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20 TV Shows With No Filler Episodes

Fermented into the hearts and bones of their respective audiences, these are 20 of the few television series without any filler episodes.

The 10 Best TV Show Performances of 2023, So Far 1
The Best TV Performances of 2023

Now that we've reached the midway point of the year, it's time to celebrate some of the best TV show performances.

Guilty Pleasure TV Dramas Perfect for When You’re Bored 1
20 Guilty Pleasure TV Dramas Perfect for When You’re Bored

When you're bored and nothing seems to pique your interest, these 20 TV dramas are the perfect shows to tune into.

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10 Creepiest Cartoon Network Shows of All Time

While this popular TV channel is aimed at younger audiences, it does have its fair share of creepy shows. Check them out.

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10 Dad TV Shows Like Reacher to Watch Next

Prime Video's Reacher is the kind of show that falls under the unofficial genre known as "Dad TV," and there are few more like it.

All Batman Animated Series in Order 1
All Batman Animated Series in Order

Batman has been a staple IP when it comes to TV animation. Here are all of his animated TV series in order.

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10 Underrated TV Shows About the Cold War

The Cold War was a time of turmoil and potential nuclear war, and these 10 underrated TV Series capture the period brilliantly.

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20 TV Shows Full of Incredible Action Sequences

These 20 TV shows take the art of action scenes to levels that rival the biggest Hollywood blockbuster films.

Andy Samberg and Melissa Fumera from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, David Schwimmer and Jennifer Anistron from Friends, and John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer from The Office 1
10 TV Couples That Took Forever to Get Together

Whether in sitcoms or dramatic stories, when it comes to television, some love stories sure do like to take their time.

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15 Underrated Classic Anime Series That Deserve Live-Action Adaptations

Several classic anime series have been adapted for live-action, but these 15 underrated gems have yet to receive the same treatment.

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Game of Thrones: Robb Stark 10 Best Quotes, Ranked

In Game of Thrones, Robb Stark, portrayed by Scottish actor Richard Madden, emerges as a heroic figure with noble aspirations in the series.

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10 Best Women-Led Superhero Shows

From Ms. Marvel to Wonder Woman, the television landscape is packed with great superhero shows whose protagonists are women.

10 Worst Cheaters in Sitcom Relationships 1
10 Worst Cheaters in Sitcom Relationships

Not all sitcom relationships are perfect. Take a look at these unfaithful partners to see why.

10 Soap Opera Couples Who Got Together in Real Life 1
10 Soap Opera Couples Who Got Together in Real Life

When actors play couples in soap operas, a strong bond develops. Occasionally, this results in an off-screen romance.

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10 Times U.S. Politicians Played Themselves in Movies and TV

Discover the 10 most memorable instances of U.S. politicians playing themselves on the big and small screen.

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Taissa Farmiga’s 9 Best Movie and TV Performances, Ranked

Her credits speak to her career growth, and she's always had an extremely emotive face, inviting viewers to watch the terrors through her eyes.

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10 Coen Brothers Movie References We Spotted in the Fargo TV Series

The Fargo TV series skillfully weaves the Coen Brothers' essence—subtle nods, haunting woods, resonant music, and iconic characters.

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20 Best Historical Romance Anime Movies And Series

When it comes to blending historical period drama with romance, no cinematic style does it better than anime. Here are the 20 best shows in the genre.

The Vampire Diaries: The 10 Worst Things The Heroes Did 1
The Vampire Diaries: The 10 Worst Things The Heroes Did

Being main characters help the Salvatore brothers be looked at as heroes. But, which moments prove they, and their friends, are villains?

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