Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood and Tucker Carlson in 2023 Festive Message 1
Kevin Spacey Slams Netflix in Christmas Video With Tucker Carlson

Kevin Spacey, who led Netflix's House of Cards from 2013 to 2017, says the streamer tried to put him in the ground, after he "put them on the map."

Poster for What If...? season 2 featuring The Watcher in a santa hat 1
Marvel's What If? Season 2 Has MCU's Highest Rotten Tomatoes Score of 2023

The arrival of What If...? season 2 brought some festive cheer to Marvel Studios with the highest Rotten Tomatoes score of the year for the MCU.

Jonathan Pryce The Crown 1
The Crown Star Once Apologized to Princess Anne For Portraying a Prominent Member of The Royal Family

Sir Jonathan Pryce felt compelled to apologize to Princess Anne for portraying her father on Netflix's The Crown.

Shining Vale with Courteney Cox as Patricia Phelps refusing medication 1
Starz Cancels Courteney Cox Horror-Comedy Series After Two Seasons

All episodes of Shining Vale will be removed from Starz at the end of 2023.

Spock with hands folded 1
Star Trek: The Next Generation Writer Fought TNG Producer’s Idiotic Rule in Order to Mention Mr. Spock’s Name

Writer Ira Steven Behr nearly had to go to the mattresses to include Mr. Spock's name in the season three episode, Sarek.

Cobra Kai Cast 1
Cobra Kai Star Reveals When Filming on the Final Season Begins

The stars of Netflix's Cobra Kai have shared details on an imminent return to filming for the final season of the Karate Kid spin-off.

Lance Reddick as Zeus in Percy Jackson and the Olympians 1
Percy Jackson Producer Recalls Lance Reddick's "Incredible" Performance as Zeus

Percy Jackson and the Olympians is Lance Reddick's last completed role, and producer Dan Shotz has fond memories of working with the iconic actor.

Jake Gyllenhaal with his shirt off, and a crowd of people behind him in Road House 2024 1
New Amazon Trailer Reveals First Look at Road House Remake and Other Projects

Jake Gyllenhaal's take on the classic Patrick Swayze movie is just one of Amazon's sizzle reel highlights.

The cast of Friends alongside a still from Leave the World Behind. 1
Leave the World Behind: Why Friends Was So Important to the Netflix Thriller Explained by Director

Leave the World Behind director Sam Esmail has explained why Friends played a part in the apocalyptic thriller.

Jake Gyllenhaal yells at the crowd while filming Road House. 1
Road House Remake Starring Jake Gyllenhaal Gets Spring 2024 Streaming Release Date

Jake Gyllenhaal's remake of Road House has now been given a 2024 release date.

Red One stars Dwayne Johnson and Chris Evans stare down the camera. 1
Dwayne Johnson’s Christmas Action Movie, Red One, Gets 2024 Theatrical Release

Starring Dwayne Johnson and Chris Evans, Red One will now land in theaters for the 2024 holiday season.

Alan Ritchson as Jack Reacher in Reacher season 2. 1
Reacher Declared #1 Amazon Series for 2023

The second season of Reacher has been crowned the number one series on Prime Video for the year

Shout TV Holiday Schedule 1
Shout! TV's Super Festive Holiday Schedule

Drop by Shout! TV between December 20 and 26 to stream the service's holiday cheer-and-fear programming.

Percy Jackson and The Olympians Cast & Character Guide 1
Percy Jackson and the Olympians Scores Big With Rotten Tomatoes Audience

As the series gets off to a great start, actress Leah Jeffries revealed how Rick Riordan prepared her for online backlack over her casting as Annabeth

david zaslav waves 1
Sources Report Warner Bros. Discovery and Paramount Global Are in 'Preliminary' Merger Talks

The CEOs of Paramount and Warner Bros. Discovery reportedly met to discuss a powerhouse merger.

The cast of Leave the World Behind and former POTUS Barack Obama. 1
Leave the World Behind Director Explains Barack Obama’s Involvement Following Conspiracy Theories

Director Sam Esmail has responded to the ongoing conspiracy theories surrounding the Netflix apocalyptic thriller, Leave the World Behind.

The main cast of Stranger Things look up in horror at the end of season four. 1
The Duffer Brothers Shoot Down Stranger Things Season 5 Fan Theory Ending

Matt and Ross Duffer recently discussed the final season, and the finale, of Stranger Things and whether fans are getting things right.

Aang prepares to fight in Avatar: The Last Airbender. 1
Avatar: The Last Airbender Showrunner Felt ‘Intimidated’ Making Netflix Live Action Show Without Original Creators

Avatar: The Last Airbender's Albert Kim reveals that changes will be made when adapting to live action, while other parts will be strictly accurate.

Adam Sandler looks scared in the first trailer for Spaceman. 1
Adam Sander Is an Astronaut Lost in Time in Netflix's Spaceman Trailer

Adam Sandler is a lonely astronaut who turns to a mysterious creature for guidance in the first trailer for Spaceman.

Chicken Run Dawn of the Nugget cast hold weapons 1
Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget's Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score Briefly Breaks Aardman Animations Record

Chicken Run 2's 86% marked the best RT audience score from any of Aardman Animations' feature films — and then the bottom fell out.

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