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About Lindsay Press

Lindsay Press loves television shows, movies, and books. As a writer, she loves to keep a close eye on character development, story growth, and tropes that pop up in various genres from teen dramas to romantic comedies and horror movies. Lindsay spends most of her time immersed in stories and finding an exciting new show or movie to become engrossed in. 

Author Details

Lindsay Press is a SUNY Purchase College's Playwriting and Screenwriting program graduate. She loves to write and create her own television and movie scripts as much as she loves to write about television shows and movies.

Industry Focus

Lindsay Press is an Evergreen Writer at MovieWeb. She has worked on TV and Movie Lists since 2022. Her work has also been published on Culturess and Screen Rant.

Favorite Media

Lindsay's favorite genre of television shows is teen dramas, which can be anywhere from the average day-in-the-life to dystopian future and supernatural. Lindsay's favorite movies can range anywhere from Disney and Pixar's animated films to Marvel's superhero movies and teen movies.

Latest Articles

The Vampire Diaries: The 10 Worst Things The Heroes Did 1
The Vampire Diaries: The 10 Worst Things The Heroes Did

Being main characters help the Salvatore brothers be looked at as heroes. But, which moments prove they, and their friends, are villains?

The Grinch sticks his tongue out and says ugh gimme a break 1
The 20 Most Popular and Overused Christmas Movie Tropes

Looking for dysfunctional family gatherings, holiday magic, Santa Claus, and a fistful of cheese? Christmas movies have you covered.

Jaha from The 100, Zaheer from Legend of Korra ,and Stevie from Wizards of Waverly Place 1
10 Times TV Show Villains Turned Out To Be Right

Villains aren't always wrong. Here are 10 times that, as frustrating as it was, the antagonists were actually right.

Gossip Girl Penn Badgley as Dan and Blake Lively as Serena, Riverdale Tiera Skovbye as Polly and Trevor Stines as Jason, The Flash Grant Gustin as Barry and Candice Patton as Iris West-Allen 1
10 TV Show Romances That Are too Familial for Comfort

Some television romances are too familial for us to feel comfortable with. Here are 10 that skirt the line a little too closely.

Transformers: Dark Fate Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor, Star Wars: The Last Jedi Adam Driver as Kylo Ren, Mockingay: Part 1 Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen 1
10 Movie Franchises That Lost Steam Throughout the Years

While these movie franchises may be popular, they eventually lost that special something as time went on.

Dobby the Elf using magic Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 1, Robert Pattinson as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and Natalia Tena as Tonks using a wand in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 1
Harry Potter: 10 Books Characters Who Deserve More Screentime in the Max Reboot

Not everyone got a chance to shine in the movies. Can the MAX reboot fix that? Which Harry Potter book characters deserve more screen time?

Joy, Anger, Sadness and Disgust from Inside Out, Pe and Shifu dancing from Kung Fu Panda, Josh Hutcherson as Jess and AnnaSophia Robb as Leslie in Bridge to Teribithia 1
10 Kids Movies That Have a Deeper Meaning

Kids movies are not just for children. Many come with deeper meanings that make it fun and emotional for teenagers and adults as well.

Tom Hanks in a suit in Big (1988), the family posing in Family Switch, and Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan with switched bodies in Freaky Friday 1
10 Movies to Watch if You Loved Netflix's Family Switch

Love body-swapping movies? Netflix's Family Switch is not the only movie with this plot. If you loved that, check out these other 10 films.

Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th pt. 6, VIn Diesel from Fast X, and Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, and Ving Rhames from Mission: Impossible 1
10 Movie Franchises with too Many Films

How long can Fast and the Furious go on? While these franchises are beloved, perhaps they have been going on a little too long.

Home Alone 1
Home Alone: 10 Reasons the Original Movie Is the Best in the Series

Home Alone's first installment is also the best in the Christmas-themed movie series. But what makes it better than the rest?

Big Hero 6 - Superhero Group Shot 1
Why Big Hero 6 Is One Of Disney's Best Movies

Big Hero 6 discusses several real and emotional topics. The friendships and emotional drive make it one of Disney's best movies.

Daniel vs Johnny - Cobra kai 1
Cobra Kai: 10 Things the TV Show Did Better Than The Karate Kid Movies

Although The Karate Kid trilogy is an iconic set of films, its spinoff sequel series Cobra Kai actually does a lot of things better.

10 Movies and TV Shows About Dysfunctional Families 1
10 Movies and TV Shows About Dysfunctional Families

How many kids are too many kids? When relatives start plotting to kill each other, have things gone too far? Who has the most dysfunctional family?

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Ron, Hermione, and Harry 1
Harry Potter: The 10 Worst Things the Heroes Did in the Franchise

The Death Eaters may have been bad, but the heroes of the Wizarding World were not always better.

10 of the Most Iconic Movie Villains of All Time 1
10 of the Most Iconic Movie Villains of All Time

Who are the most iconic movie villains ever? Were you terrified of Kayako in The Grudge? Were you rooting against Darth Vader?

10 Great TV Shows About Terrible People 1
10 Great TV Shows About Terrible People

These shows are fantastic, but they are not about fantastic people. What about these individuals makes them so bad?

Sirius Black and Harry Potter 1
Harry Potter: Character Moments That Need to be Featured in the Max Reboot

The Harry Potter movies could not fit everything into them. But the MAX series should have far more time to include important character moments.

Loki ruling over all of time at the end of season 2, with Tom Hiddleston as the MCU's Loki in season 2 1
Why Loki Is The Strongest MCU Series

The Loki series on Disney+ introduced major story-building elements into the MCU. Here's why we still think it has been the strongest series so far.

10 Classic Teen Movies That Haven't Aged Well 1
10 Classic Teen Movies That Haven't Aged Well

The thing about classic movies is that they rarely age well as times change. What makes these teen movies problematic today?

Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc in Friends 1
10 Romances That Could Have Been (But Never Were)

Even though all the potential was there, these potential romances never became canon. But, why should they have been given a chance?

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