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Albert Zender is a graduate of the Hamline University Creative Writing MFA program and a long-time fan of nerd-culture. His appreciation for pop culture started with a childhood love of Power Rangers and Digimon, but that has since bloomed to include horror movies, the superhero genre, comic books, and anime. He currently lives in Minnesota with his frankly spoiled beagle, Beans. 

Industry Focus

Albert has been writing for Movieweb since the middle of 2023 as a member of the Evergreen team, but has been writing professionally since 2017. He started as a staff writer for ComicsVerse, and he has written freelance articles for, How To Love Comics, and The Portalist. 

Favorite Media

Albert's favorite genres include (but definitely aren't limited to) mecha, fantasy, monster collecting, and horror. He has a strong appreciation for great character design and aspires to emulate his favorite artists, and his favorite properties put that on full display. For mecha science fiction, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Power Rangers, and Pacific Rim (1 and 2) are favorites, while Alien, The Conjuring and 13 Ghosts are some of his horror favorites. He fully believes that the only correct way to watch The Lord of the Rings is through the extended cuts, and that you can totally be a fan of both Pokemon and Digimon without betraying either property.

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