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Taryn is a writer & content creator originally from New York.  She earned her Bachelor's degree in Media Studies from Mercy University with Summa Cum Laude honors and originally planned to go into business before she realized that she should pursue her love of film and that the media industry is where she belonged.

Industry Focus

Taryn is an Evergreen Writer for MovieWeb.  She has been part of the team since 2022 and has been writing lists and features for the site ever since.  Her work has also been published on The Movie Buff'.

Favorite Media

Taryn's favorite genre fluctuates between horror and drama, but her favorite movie of all time is actually Back to the Future.  Slashers are her favorite subgenre of horror, and her favorite slasher movie is Scream, although her favorite slasher character is Freddy Krueger.  Taryn's favorite drama is Kogonada's Columbus because she enjoys slice-of-life filmmaking.

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