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Dustin Whitlock is a writer and illustrator in Mississippi. He graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi, majoring in creative writing. He began in journalism with The Scott County Times as editor and writer before becoming a contributor with The Clarion Ledger and USA Today.

Industry Focus

Dustin is an Evergreen Writer with Movieweb. He has been writing about film since 2017, and his movie analyses focus on the language of the camera, narrative structure, costume design and cultural subtext.

Favorite Media

Dustin's favorite genres are horror and science fiction and anywhere the two meet. His pick for the best movie ever is The Shining, but the movie he has watched most is the first Friday the 13th.

Latest Articles

Samantha and Regina Belmont with SMGs in 80s zombie comedy action Christmas movie 1
Night of the Comet: How This ‘80s Zombie Movie Is a Better Anti-Christmas Film Than Die Hard or Lethal Weapon

Christmas, Mac-10s, valley girls, and zombies. Night of the Comet is more deserving of your meme X-mas tree decorations than John McClane.

Santa Claus departs the North Pole in Santa Claus: The Movie 1
Santa Claus: The Movie Is Secrectly One of the Most Psychedelically Accurate Films Ever Made

Psychonauts have reported consistent experiences for decades, but the only movie that accurately portrays them is 1985’s good-bad Santa Claus movie.

Leave the World Behind- 10 Things in Netflix's Apocalyptic Movie that Conspiracy Theorists are Obsessing Over_thumb 1
Leave the World Behind: 10 Things in Netflix's Apocalyptic Movie that Conspiracy Theorists are Obsessing Over

Conspiracy theorists are buzzing on social media about things in Netflix's Leave the World Behind, that are frightening audiences.

A collage from X-Men comics, Wolverine looking at a photo from the '90s cartoon, and the cast of X-Men: Apocalypse 1
X-Men: 10 Things We Want from the MCU Reboot

Concentration camps, genocide, and dystopian futures – the X-Men are going to make a darker, more violent Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Silver Surfer from Marvel Comics and from the 2007 Fantastic 4 Movie 1
Silver Surfer: 10 Things We Want from the MCU Introduction

We look at 10 aspects of bringing the Surfer to life in live-action as a live-action effect, between Fantastic Four and a solo film.

Sebastian Stan Is Luke Skywalker in BossLogic's The Mandalorian Season 2 Fan Poster 1
Star Wars: 10 Characters and Groups Who Could Play the Villain in a Ret-Con of the Sequel Trilogy

With the fans believing a reboot of the Star Wars sequels is inevitable, we look at 10 potential villains for a new version of Episodes 7, 8, and 9.

Secret Wars poster art with multiverse Avengers, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Wolverine 1
MCU: 11 Ways That Tony Stark Could Return in Avengers: Secret Wars

With rumors of Robert Downey Jr. returning to the MCU for Secret Wars, we look at 11 ways he could be brought back.

Castle of Tir Asleen from Willow (1987) 1
The 10 Coolest Castles and Fortresses from '80s and '90s Fantasy Movies

The castles of the '80s and '90s were fantastical and impossibly large, created with miniatures and matte paintings. These are our 10 favorites.

Ghost Rider cover of Rise of the Midnight Sons 1
Why the MCU's Ghost Rider Should Go All Out with Practical Effects

Ghost Rider has the potential to be a cinematic classic by bringing the Rider to life with practical wizardry pioneered in the Terminator films.

Why the MCU Should Adapt Ghost Rider’s The Highwayman Story for the Live-Action Movie 1
Why the MCU Should Adapt Ghost Rider’s The Highwayman Story for the Live-Action Movie

This freak-of-the-week story is celebrated by readers as one of the best Ghost Rider issues, and it has all the ingredients for a great MCU movie.

Woke Disney Movies 1
Franchises the Fans Revolted Against at the Box Office (& Why They Exaggerated Their Power)

These franchises have become controversial among a group of fans that have claimed credit for decreased box office when there is more to the story.

Slug, Sandman, and Boogieman from The Real Ghostbusters cartoon show 1
10 Ghosts from The Real Ghostbusters Cartoon We’d Love to See in Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

We count down our 10 favorite ghosts from the Ghostbusters cartoon series that we want to see in the newest live-action movie.

Link from The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom 1
10 Actors We’d Love to See Play Link in Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda Movie

With The Legend of Zelda being revealed to be live-action, we look at 10 options for casting the lead role in what may be another billion-dollar hit.

Mahershala Ali is Blade in Marvel Studios' reboot 1
Why the MCU's Blade Should Focus on the Character's Origin Story

In the continued absence of Blade in the theaters, we will explore six aspects that should inform the script and its place in the MCU.

Super Mario Bros. Movie cast 2023 1
The Super Mario Bros Movie: Nintendo Should Take These Things from the Animated Film for the Switch 2 Title

Nintendo has a new 3D Mario Bros. game in development for the Switch 2 launch, and we have listed some things it needs to take from the movie.

Dark Harvest 1
Why Dark Harvest is the Most Recent Must-See Pre-Halloween Horror Release

Dark Harvest deconstructs the American dream in a 1963 setting on Halloween, in a small town with a draft to war with a devil of their own making.

crime thrillers 1
15 Fictional (and Non-Fictional) Horror and Thriller Movies for People Who Love True Crime

These are the scariest crime thrillers that explore detective stories, serial killers and psychotics.

scarecrows montage 1
The 15 All-Time Creepiest Scarecrows in Horror Movies

We rank the scariest hollow men from across the horror genre, from least to most uncanny.

31-days-of-horror-Day 9 - Nightbreed (1) 1
Nightbreed Remains One of Clive Barker's Best Horror Adaptations

While Clive Barker's Hellraiser and Candyman get most of the recognition, Nightbreed is an underrated '90s horror classic.

Fire in the Sky 1
Fire in the Sky: What the True Story Behind the '90s Movie Tells Us About Aliens Visiting Earth

One of the scariest sci-fi movies of all time, Fire in the Sky tells the true story of the 1975 abduction of Travis Walton.

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