Aaron Taylor Johnson as Kraven the Hunter in a throne, and the promotional poster for Spider-Man: No Way Home 1
Spider-Man: No Way Home Almost Featured Kraven the Hunter Instead of the Multiverse, Here’s What Happened

An alternate idea for Tom Holland's third Spider-Man movie had him facing off with Kraven the Hunter, rather than introducing the Spider-Verse.

Jonathan Majors as Kang surrounded by distorted faces of other Kangs in promotional art for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania 1
Marvel Studios Will Reportedly Still End The Multiverse Saga With Kang the Conqueror

Jonathan Majors is out, but Kang the Conqueror is in?

Thomas Haden Church as Sandman from Spider-Man 3, and Tom Holland as Spider-Man in the MCU 1
MCU: Thomas Haden Church's Sandman Needs Another Shot in the New Spider-Man Trilogy

Thomas Haden Church gave us a character in the Spider-Verse that deserves a more prominent part in the MCU going forward.

A collage of different scenes of Tom Hiddleston as Loki from the Disney+ MCU series 1
Loki: The 10 Best Quotes from the Disney+ MCU TV Series

Loki's season two finale has reignited fans’ appreciation, prompting a revisit to the best quotes from the series.

Poster for What If...? season 2 featuring The Watcher in a santa hat 1
what if? (2019)
What If...? Season 2 Review: Marvel Ends 2023 with a Plesant Surprise

After a rough year for the MCU, season two of What If...? is a great way to end 2023 on a high note an shows the potential the MCU still has.

Chris Evans as Captain America and Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes in Captain America: The Winter Soldier 1
How Marvel Can Benefit From More Genre Movies Like Winter Soldier

MCU movies are better when they don't think about superheroes first. The studio needs to get back to basics.

Chris Pratt, Karen Gillan, and Dave Bautista, as Peter, Nebula, and Drax, in Guardians of the Galaxy 1
The Guardians of the Galaxy Trilogy May Be Over, But Another Group Could Replace the Team

Motley groups of heroes are always fun, but the newest MCU group could rival them all if they do it right.

Famous Actors Who Dislike Superhero Movies 1
10 Famous Actors Who Dislike Superhero Movies

These famous actors do not like superhero films - even if they starred in them.

Secret Invasion Nick Fury 1
Why 2023 Is Marvel's Worst Years Yet

Following disappointments like Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Secret Invasion and The Marvels, 2023 has been the worst year for the MCU.

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The cast of Thunderbolts 1
Marvel’s Thunderbolts Filming Date Revealed, Will Be a Standalone Experience With a 'Complete Story'

The Thunderbolts filming date has now been revealed by star Wyatt Russell, with director Jake Schreier saying it will have a story all its own.

John Boyega alongside Jonathan Majors as Kang in Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania with the comic iteration of Kang in the background 1
John Boyega Has Already Given His Reaction to Possibly Replacing Jonathan Majors as Kang

A new piece of art has put Denzel Washington into the role of the MCU's Kang the Conqueror, in a fan recast of Jonathan Majors' character.

An edit of Jonathan Majors as He Who Remains and Kang the Conqueror with the MCU characters above them 1
MCU: Should We Expect Delays After Marvel Fired Jonathan Majors?

With Jonathan Majors being let go by Marvel after his guilty verdict, will the films see delays since he was set up as the next big bad of the MCU?

Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Jonathan Majors as Victor Timely, and Sophia Di Martino as Sylvie in a Loki season 2 edit 1
Will Loki Season 2 Still Be Canon After Jonathan Majors' Kang Exit?

Without Kang, Loki becomes all the more important for the future of MCU canon as Marvel moves forward without Majors.

The Implications of Marvel’s Secret Invasion Throughout the MCU 1
The Implications of Marvel’s Secret Invasion Throughout the MCU

Secret Invasion left audiences with many unanswered questions that may affect the future of the Marvel universe.

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Jonathan Majors flanked by his characters He Who Remains from Marvel's Loki and Kang the Conqueror from Quantumania 1
Marvel Studios Cut All Ties With Jonathan Majors; The Kang Dynasty Reverts to Avengers 5

After being found guilty of assault and harassment, Jonathan Majors has been droped from the MCU by Marvel Studios.

Alaqua Cox as Echo in Hawkeye alongside Charlie Cox as Daredevil. 1
Marvel's Echo Confirms Early Premiere Date with Violent New Trailer

Marvel's Echo will deliver its violent MCU story a day earlier than expected, and released a brand new trailer announcing the fact.

Jeremy Renner in Hawkeye 1
Marvel's Leading Man Becomes 2023's Most Googled Actor

MCU star Jeremy Renner dominates Google as the most searched actor in 2023.

Alaqua Cox as Echo in Hawkeye alongside Charlie Cox as Daredevil. 1
Before Marvel's Echo, Watch These 5 Movies & TV Shows

With the release of Marvel's Echo on the horizon, here are a few TV shows and movies you need to catch up on.

Zoe Saldana and Chris Pratt as Gamora and Starlord kissing in Guardians of the Galaxy, MODOK in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, and Mark Ruffalo and Scarlett Johansson in Avengers 1
10 Dramatic MCU Moments Ruined by Jokes

Marvel's use of humor has garnered both criticism and appreciation, though in these instances, they took it too far.

Split screen between images of Loki, He Who Remains, and Sylvie from Loki Season 2 1
How Old Are Loki, He Who Remains, and Sylvie in Loki Season 2?

With the second season of Loki coming to a satisfying conclusion, one question does remain for fans - just how old are these MCU characters?

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